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Book Translation

Our team of translators have translated hundreds of books for both independent authors and publishers.  These include: general fiction, travel, sports, well-being, cookery, biographies, art, history... If you have a book which you would like to export to foreign markets, you've come to the right place! Click below to view a selection of the books translated by our Bookworms.

Some of our publishing clients are listed below, although please note we also work with independent authors.

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Website Translation

Every website offers a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their goods and services around the world.  It goes without saying that in order to make a good impression, you should hire professionals with knowledge of your field / industry so that they can represent your business in the best possible light, whatever the language.  Here are just a few examples of websites we've helped translate:  

English > French & German

French > English & German

English > French, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Mandarin


We have had the pleasure of creating voiceovers for a number of companies, and enclose a few examples below. 


Video 1: Urdu to English

Video 2: English to multiple languages


For these, we first had to translate the transcript, then create the voice files, ensuring the timing matched what was happening on screen.  We work with professional recording studios to create a polished, finished article.


We are often tasked with subtitling videos.  The first step is to transcribe the video's content, then translate the transcription, and then create subtitles from the translated version.  Problems to be surmounted include condensing the text while still retaining meaning, translating humour, ensuring subtitles are timed to correspond to the action on screen... To ensure the end product is polished and meets industry standards, we employ professional audiovisual translators, who can work from their home studios.  Their knowledge and experience is only a call away! Below are a few short videos to show our work in action, as well as a brochure of films subtitled by our translators.

Architecture & Engineering

As domestic markets fluctuate, a growing number of construction industry firms are searching for work internationally.  Whether you require assistance in translating RFPs, tender documentation, brochures or any other written communication, please contact us for quote.  We have created fantastic working relationships with bilingual architects, interior designers, landscape architects, mechanical and civil engineers, lighting and acoustics professionals... you name it, we can supply it!  We've had the pleasure of working with these fantastic design agencies:

eos consulting.jpg

Art & Culture

The company ethos, which promotes the art of translation through human creativity, has attracted some wonderful, talented translators from all walks of life, who understand the power of the written word, and appreciate the finer things in life.  They also understand the importance of translating texts by localizing them, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.  Some of the companies who have put their trust in us can be found below.  We hope to add yours to the list before long!

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