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Here are some of the books we have had the pleasure of translating, editing and proofreading recently. The languages and genres are extremely varied, so no matter your language or your target audience, get in touch as we'll find THE right literary translation team for you!

Books Translated by Bookworm Translations

Picture book I am here - JP to EN
Vivre Ensemble - FR to EN
Luce da Luce - IT to FR SP EN
Trekking Wandern Buch - DE to EN
The Science of Getting Happy - IT to EN
Hausbooturlaub Canal du Midi - DE to EN
Cuba - Reflets d'un Pays Fascinant - DE to FR
Flashpoint in Paris - EN to FR
Blood Moon Rising - EN to FR
Il Etait Deux Fois - FR to EN
In Cold Blood - EN to FR
Lignes de fuite - FR to DE
Blood and Roses - EN to FR
333 Tips for Sailors - DE to EN
A Jaunt in a Tilbury - FR to EN
Ben Blazze and Heimdall's Orb - PT to EN
Black Coffee - FR to EN
333 Tips for Sailors
The Circumference of Oranges - IT to EN
Cherry Blues - IT to EN
The Blood Queen - EN to BL
All the Tranquil Dead - EN to ES
May Death Sleep - EN to ES
The Red Circle - English to French
Key Witness - Hebrew to English
Los candiles de Albarracin - EN to SP
Lignes de fuite - FR to DE
Is it Love - Peter - FR to EN
Is it Love - Drogo - FR to EN
Is it Love - Carter Corp - Ryan - FR to EN
Is it Love - Carter Corp - Matt - FR to EN
Is it Love - Carter Corp - Gabriel - FR to EN
All Hands on Deck - NL to EN
Front Cover Cold Metal
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