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Literary & Book Translations

Literary / Book Translations

While advances in AI and machine translation are to be applauded, thankfully computers haven't developed a heart (yet!). We pour ours into our work, so that the human touch is palpable when you read our literary translations. 


We have been translating words and ideas from and into 50 languages for over 10 years now, meaning we can help your projects land safely and coherently in new markets. 

Some of the book genres we've translated to date include:

  • children's & young adult

  • comic books/graphic novels

  • crime/thriller

  • fantasy

  • lifestyle/well-being

  • poetry

  • self-help/psychology

  • travel guides...

You provide the text, we'll provide a top-notch translation at a reasonable price...  Everyone's a winner!

Subtitling and Voiceover Translations

Subtitling / Voice-over

As highlighted by the 2020 Best Picture Academy Award going to a South Korean film Parasite, a well subtitled film can really make an impact.  Our audiovisual translators understand the importance of timing and getting the dialogue's tone just right so that the audience can appreciate the film and all its nuances while not speaking the language.

We also offer voice-over services should your project be more suited to this form of communication.  Please contact us for further information on prices and turnaround times.

Architecture & Engineering Translations

Architecture & Engineering Translations

We have been fortunate enough to work in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading building design practices, and understand that the words used to describe a concept are equally important to the designs which accompany them. 

As such, we use bilingual building sector professionals (architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects...) for these translation projects, which include:

  • Brochures

  • Tenders

  • Websites showcasing previous work

We know how difficult it is to secure large projects in such a competitive sector, especially in a foreign language, which is why quality and sector knowledge are paramount when it comes to your language service provider.  We will help you land that big fish!

Art and Culture Translations

Art & Culture Translations

Do you know your Picasso from your Pissarro? Luckily, our translators know how to translate exhibition guides, art loan agreements, artwork descriptions and audio guides without getting their paintbrushes jumbled! 

We work with a number of art galleries, travel agencies and local governments to bring their cultural offerings to a wider market, using translators who have a background in art history and art practice / education, to ensure that whatever the subject matter, it will be well explained to and received by a foreign audience.

As Anthony Burgess succinctly put it:

“Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”

Our Bookworms will do just that!

Legal Translations
Travel & Tourism Translations

Legal translations

We work with a team of highly reliable legal translators in over 50 language combinations to ensure that any contract, service agreement or other legal document is translated while retaining the original document's intent and purpose. 


It goes without saying that any comprehension issues are problematic no matter the translation project, but this can be overcome by only using certified legal translators for legal translations, as well as a proofreader & editor for all our legal translation projects, ensuring the original document is translated to the letter (of the law).

Travel & Tourism

We often translate hotel websites, restaurant menus, travel guides, maps and apps, anything which makes visiting a foreign country a little less daunting for a traveller who doesn't speak the lingo!

If you work in the travel industry, we would love to help you localize your service or product, ensuring that your clients discover your offering in the best possible light, giving your business the professional image it rightly deserves.  

Our Services


About Us

Over 5,000 creative souls using the right words to help your ideas take flight.

Bookworm Translations was founded in 2008 and offers a professional and bespoke translation service to its clients, using translators specifically chosen for their specific sector knowledge and experience.


Thankfully, means of communication have become easier with time, so that ideas can travel around the world at lightning speed.  That's not to say that successfully delivering a message in a different language is within reach of anyone who speaks two or more languages - it takes flair, superior knowledge of cultural nuances, high levels of professionalism, and bags of experience. Our translators tick all these boxes and are the keys which open doors to foreign markets, and they do it in style! 

Our clients use our services as they know their stories, websites, press releases, articles, plays, speeches, essays, blogs and all types of written communication are in good hands. 


So, if you're a writer, a publisher or an international company who wants their ideas to successfully cross borders, get in touch, we will do justice to your words.  After all, words mean the world to us.

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White Branch
Francesco Sartori - Poet

Francesco Sartori


The translation work of my latest book in English, French and Spanish has been treated in an exemplary way by the Bookworm Translations Agency. The methodology adopted has been optimal: work on progress in dealing with the critical semantic passages shared between author and translator. The comparisons were quick and accurate. I recommend the Bookworm Translations Agency as a literary and especially poetic translation agency. I will not fail to contact this agency in the future for new literary works to be translated from my current language (Italian) to other languages.

White Branch
Giorgio Borroni - author

Giorgio Borroni


I am very happy with the translation of my story, you were able to keep the flavour of the original story intact. An american friend told me it’s exceptionable and that I spent my money well. The rate was cheap if one compares it with the final product. I am glad I chose your agency to translate my novel.

White Branch
Valeria Fornara - author

Valeria Fornara


Collaborating with Bookworm Translations was nothing but a positive experience for me. They understood what I was looking for and found the perfect translator for my project. During the translation of my manuscript, I could work very closely with the translator, which means  I could give and receive lots of feedback. Bookworm staff and the translator were always professional and patient with me.

White Branch
Isabel Roessler, Editor, Kunth Verlag

Isabel Roessler,

Editor, Kunth Verlag

We are a book publisher for illustrated travel literature in Munich and we regularly produce translations from our titles, mainly in English but also for other languages like french or even Scandinavian languages. The cooperation with bookworm translations and Elise has always been trustworthy, we get feedback for new offers or queries for translation projects quickly and are looking forward to working on further projects with this company. Thanks a lot!


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Picture book I am here - JP to EN
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Il Etait Deux Fois - FR to EN
Cuba - Reflets d'un Pays Fascinant - DE
333 Tips for Sailors - DE to EN
The Science of Getting Happy - IT to EN.
Los candiles de Albarracin - EN to SP
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